Teaching Students With Adhd



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DESCRIPTION This support book is based on an ecological model. It will assist teachers to accommodate for the special needs of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).Accommodating their needs is achieved by adapting the classroom environment and enhancing teaching practices to anticipate the difficulties a student with ADHD will encounter, and so minimise the occurrence of inappropriate behaviours. This approach acknowledges the significance of the learning context and the efficacy of a teacher to generate relevant social contexts that will scaffold or facilitate a students learning. It utilises practices of problem analysis which are founded on educational measures that examine the learning environment, the current teaching practices, the features of student behaviour, and the current levels of students educational attainments. It takes into account the bearing that family, school, and community structures have on a students performance. While ADHD is not curable, it can be made more manageable when a combination of medication, behavioural approaches and implementation of educational accommodations are used. In this way teachers can help even the playing fieldfor students with ADHD.