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The third volume in the Irish County History Series. This is the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary study ever undertaken on Kilkenny. Archaeologists, medievalists, Celtic scholars, geographers, placename scholars and historians of economics, culture and politics combine to provide an attractive account of this key region. Features Twenty-five original essays by distinguished scholars place Kilkenny in its local, national and European contexts. Editors William Nolan is lecturer in Geography, University College, Dublin.  Kevin Whelan is a Newman Scholar in the department of Geography, University College, Dublin. Readership All interested in getting to know Ireland through its regions. Kilkenny people at home and abroad. Suitable for both the academic and general reader. Contents The archaeology of early settlement in county Kilkenny  Some crosses of county Kilkenny  The early development of the medieval town of Kilkenny  County Kilkenny in the Anglo-Norman period  Richard de Ledrede, John Clyn, James Grace, David Rothe - the earliest chroniclers of Kilkenny  The Ormond Butlers of county Kilkenny  Territorial, social and settlement hierarchies in seventeenth century Kilkenny  The changing composition of Kilkenny's landowners 1641-1700  The Catholic Church in county Kilkenny 1600-1800  Social and economic conflict in county Kilkenny 1600-1800  The social and economic evolution of Kilkenny in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries  Callan - a corporate town 1700-1800  Parlimentary representation in county Kilkenny in the eighteenth century  Inland city: Reflections on eighteenth century Kilkenny  Old World antecedents, new World adaptations: Inistioge immigrants in Newfoundland  Scríobhaithe lámhscríbhinní Gaelige in nCill Chainnigh 1700-1800  David Aher and Hill Clements' map of county Kilkenny  Irish language and literature in county Kilkenny in the nineteenth century  The Tithe War in county Kilkenny 1830-1834  Fr Robert O'Keeffe, parish priest and the Callan controversy 1869-1881  The cot fishermen of the River Nore  Nixie Boran and the colliery community of north Kilkenny  Social life and local meaning: 'Thomastown' county Kilkenny  Inscape: life and landscape in Callan and county Kilkenny  A select bibliography of county Kilkenny