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DESCRIPTION From the director of Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet,Baz Luhrmann,comes this wonderfully kitsch and amusing tale of repression and dreams,all set in the super tanned and garish world of Australian ballroom dancing. Scott Hastings {Paul Mercurio} is a talented ballroom dancing champion who longs to dance his own steps.This results in being dumped by his partner and chastened by all those around him,except two people.One is Fran,the ugly duckling of the school who persuades him to let her dance with him and eventually steals his heart.The other is his father,a quiet man dominated by his bejewelled wife.Scott knows in his hear he must follow his dreams, but some are determined to see him fail.The film climaxs at the Australian Championship in a superbly choreographed and heart-warming final. This DVD has been classified as PG,some scenes maybe unsuitable for young children.