Product Details : Activity Cones Set Of 8
Activity Cones Set Of 8

Publisher : Melissa And Doug



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DESCRIPTIONGrab a stack of these sturdy plastic cones and head outside to play! Four different colours and two textures make every cone unique, so theyre great for traditional outdoor games and so much more. The included play guide includes instructions for dozens of exciting activities from races to balance games, plus bonus tips to inspire your own ideas for enjoying this indoor-and-outdoor toy. Durably built and cast in fade-resistant colours, these exciting little construction cones will stay standing tall and looking great, from water play to sports games to pretend play and beyond!Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:SEQUENCING AND MATCHINGDivide the cones evenly between you and the child, making certain that you each have one cone of each colour. Arrange some or all of your cones in a line and ask the child to duplicate the pattern using his/her cones. Continue this activity by stacking cones together and asking the child to duplicate the stack.SCOOPING AND KNOCKING OVERPlace seven cones on the ground or floor, tipping them over onto one side. Ask the child to use the eighth cone to scoop up the other seven cones. Vary this activity by asking the child to scoop up cones as you describe their colour or texture, or by beginning with some cones standing upright on their bases. (Tip: Its OK to use a second hand to steady the stack as it gets heavier.)Lots more play ideas available!Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.5 x 5.5Recommended Ages: 3+ years