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Ireland: The People, The Places, The Sto

Publisher : Scholastic
Published : Thursday 2 September 2021
ISBN : 9780702302411
Price : €14.99

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Everything Ireland - a celebration of the Irish people, their rich culture and fascinating history.

A stunning celebration of the rich culture and fascinating history of Ireland featuring ten Irish illustrators. Discover everything that makes the Irish isle so special - from its famous landmarks to its myths and legends, from its epic battles to its incredible music ... and everything in between. With a foreword from much-loved Irish comedian Dara Briain Beautiful, full-colour illustration makes this the perfect gift Showcases the talent of ten of Ireland's top illustrators. Sections include: The Island of Ireland - illustrated by Linda Fahrlin Early Ireland - illustrated by Diarmuid O Cathain Warring Ireland - illustrated by Alan Dunne Haunted Ireland - illustrated by Lydia Hughes Magical Ireland - illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald The Living Landscape - illustrated by Ashling Lindsay The Human Landscape - illustrated by Graham Corcoran Underground Ireland - illustrated by Jennifer Farley The Culture of Ireland - illustrated by Conor Nolan Fun Things to Do in Ireland - illustrated by Donough O'Malley