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Zest: How to Squeeze the Max out of Life

Author : Andy Cope
Published : Friday 26 July 2019
ISBN : 9780857088000
Price : €13.99

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'ZEST' equates to zing, enthusiasm, energy, gusto, eagerness, zeal and fervour. It also connotes a tang, a sharpness. It's the opposite of bland. And Zest: How to Squeeze the Max out of Life is exactly that.It's more than just a book on personal development. There are an awful lot of those. Zest is a catalyst, a spark that ignites your remembering of what makes you, in a word, you. It drives you to rethink, rejuvenate and reinvent. It also contains a touch of the revolutions. Have you, as a grown-up, fallen into the trap of becoming a Groan-up? You know you should try to make the best of things, but oftentimes you don't know what your best is anymore. It's strange. You used to know. What happened? Was it the years of social conformity? There is a whole beige generation out there - a generation that has lost its identity and forgotten who they once were - buried under the crushing, stifling facades of adulthood. If only there was a way to unearth your passions, recover the zest for life you once had. Maybe there is. Zest is a wake-up call for you to explore the formative moments that define your life. It challenges you to believe that your best days are still ahead, to search your soul, to shake things up and bask in the warmth of glorious individuality. Zest will help you: Explore the pivotal, defining moments in your life Examine both the good and bad experiences that define you Reconnect to the essence of who you are Embrace your quirks, qualities and peculiarities Determine to be the person you always wanted to be Zest is your permission to play, your licence to wreak the right kind of havoc. Moreover, it's not about pretending to be someone you're not, it's about squeezing every last drop out of who you already are.