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The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Boxing

Published : Thursday 1 October 2020
ISBN : 9781787395114
Price : €30.00

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The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Boxing


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A comprehensive single-volume illustrated work of boxing reference.

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Boxing is the world's most comprehensive illustrated work of boxing reference. Featuring biographies of every historic champion across each weight class, from all-time greats such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Mike Tyson, to modern legends including Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather, it's an indispensable compendium of boxing facts, statistics, history and culture. Covering all aspects of the sport, from its beginnings in the days of illegal challenge matches to the multi-million-dollar televised extravaganza it is today, the encyclopedia includes details of the careers of the world's greatest boxers, descriptions of many of the most iconic fights, and considers the prominent figures behind the scenes such as promoters, trainers and managers. A statistical section lists the facts, figures and oddities of the sport, including the progress of titles across all weight classes, from champion to champion. Fully revised and updated to include all the world title fights up to March 2020, as well as new biographies and features on the recent big changes in the sport, this is the definitive reference for boxing fans.