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The Missing Kitten and other tales: The Missing Kitten, The Frightened Kitten, The Kidnapped Kitten

Author : Holly Webb
Published : Thursday 9 August 2018
ISBN : 9781847159502
Price : €6.99

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Three cute kitten stories to treasure, from best-selling author Holly Webb: The Missing Kitten, The Kidnapped Kitten and The Frightened Kitten.

Three cute kitten stories to treasure in one book, from best-selling author Holly Webb. The collection includes The Frightened Kitten, The Kidnapped Kitten and The Missing Kitten. The Frightened Kitten: Maddy's gorgeous new kitten, Biscuit, quickly settles into her new home. But little does she know that a neighbour's two big tom cats see the garden as their territory... The Kidnapped Kitten: When Tia hears that someone is stealing pedigree cats in the neighbourhood she decides to keep her beautiful Bengal kitten indoors. But the kitten manages to escape and Tia can't find her anywhere. What if she's been stolen...? The Missing Kitten: Scarlet is thrilled with her new kitten, Bootle, who is a very curious little cat! But Bootle gets into trouble one day when he decides to follow Scarlet to school, and loses his way...?