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That Was Then, This Is Now

Published : Thursday 3 August 2017
ISBN : 9780141378367
Price : €9.59

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From Penguin's The Originals collection, That Was Then, This is Now is a hard-hitting coming-of-age story from the author The Outsiders. __________ Byron and Mark are like brothers, but when they get to 16 things begin to change. Byron is into girls but Mark is only interested in making money, yet they still enjoy hustling pool games in their friend Charlie's bar. But, when a shocking bar brawl changes everything, Byron and Mark begin to drift apart. Life doesn't get easier for Byron, when the drug-addicted brother of the girl he's in love with goes missing, he has to make a huge decision. __________ Iconic, outspoken, first. The Originals are the pioneers of fiction for young adults. From political awakening, war and unrequited love to addiction, teenage pregnancy and nuclear holocaust, The Originals confront big issues and articulate difficult truths. The collection includes: (Un)arranged Marriage - Bali Rai Stone Cold - Robert Swindells The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Sue Townsend The Tulip Touch - Anne Fine I Capture the Castle - Dodie Smith