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Author : Liam Wong
Published : Thursday 3 September 2020
ISBN : 9780500545461
Price : €29.94

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Liam Wong's bestselling debut monograph, a cyberpunk-inspired exploration of nocturnal Tokyo.

A testament to the art of colour composition, this book - art directed by Wong himself and produced to the highest printing standard - brings together a complete and refined body of images that are evocative, timeless and completely transporting. Rounding out the volume's special treatment is the first publication use of the 45/90 font, designed by Henrik Kubel, of London-based A2-TYPE. The book also features a section that reveals the creative and technical process of Wong's method, from identifying the right scene to making a good composition, from capturing the essence of a moment to enhancing colour values and deepening an image's impact - insights that will be invaluable to admirers and photography enthusiasts alike.