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Slimming Eats: Healthy, delicious recipe

Published : Thursday 30 December 2021
ISBN : 9781529377415
Price : €24.99

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From the author of wildly popular blog Slimming Eats comes a collection of 100+ recipes, most under 500 calories - all are tasty, all are satisfying, all are slimming.

Everyday recipes you will make time and again - flavourful, simple, slimming and so satisfying. From wildly popular blog SLIMMING EATS comes a stunning collection of 100 brand new recipes plus 15 blog favourites. This is an everyday cookbook for everyone. Siobhan's homely recipes are delicious and really work, plus over 100 are under 500 calories. You will find life-long family favourites, with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, meals to feed a crowd, kid-friendly dishes, quick fixes, low calorie sides and recipes to satisfy any cravings. This is slimming food and delicious food - there's absolutely no scrimping on flavour here! Every recipe is made to help you achieve your goals, featuring: * a nutritional breakdown with a calorie count * helpful pointers for vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free diets * suggestions for swapping in low-calorie sides Siobhan shares information on key ingredients and useful items to keep in your kitchen, plus a lot of motivation to keep you on track. Slimming Eats will be your ultimate kitchen companion for eating well every day.