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Shake it off!: Build Emotional Strength for Daily Happiness

Published : Monday 29 June 2020
ISBN : 9781839402951
Price : €11.99

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Shake it off!: Build Emotional Strength...


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Please read this book. It's the best tool to obtain the best mental health for the average man or woman - Santiago Dexeus MD. Without doubt, this is the best method to acquire emotional strength - Dr Luis Miguel Martin, psychiatrist. With this book you will initiate a marvelous trip to inner peace and fulfillment - Manolo Garcia, musician. Bestselling author Rafael Santandreu knows how to ensure our happiness in life. One of the most prestigious psychologists in Spain, he has established his own renowned center of psychotherapy and has laid the foundations of a new era in the treatment of emotional disorders. Teaching a philosophy of rational acceptance and emotional resilience, Santandreu allows us to use our capacity for logic to good effect in everyday life. We do not need to be buffeted by our emotions or to catastrophise our lives. Building on the work of the imminent psychologist Albert Ellis, Santandreu adds his own take on how to build our capacity for dealing with life's problems. Shake It Off! offers ways to: - Build self-esteem - Improve personal relationships - Alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety - Unravel irrational beliefs and unhealthy thought-patterns With case studies and suggestions throughout, you will learn how to stop obsessive, unhelpful thoughts and create a life which is free from fears and open to adventure.