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Oxford Literature Companions: Romeo and Juliet Workbook

Published : Thursday 6 April 2017
ISBN : 9780198398875
Price : €7.19

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This workbook is ideal for use in the classroom or as revision and includes activities designed to prompt a closer analysis of the writer's language, as well as tasks on characters, themes and contexts.

Easy to use in the classroom or as a tool for revision, Oxford Literature Companion Workbooks provide student-friendly support for a range of popular GCSE set texts. Each write-in workbook offers a range of varied and in-depth activities to deepen understanding and encourage close work with the text, covering characters, themes, performance, language and contexts. Each workbook also includes a comprehensive Skills and Practice section, which provides advice on assessment and sample student exam answers. This workbook covers Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, is suitable for all exam boards and for the most recent GCSEspecifications.