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Marvel Black Panther Rules!: Discover what it takes to be a Super Hero

Published : Wednesday 1 April 2020
ISBN : 9780241408971
Price : €8.39

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Exactly who, or what, is the Black Panther?! So you want to know how T'Challa became the mighty Black Panther-the strongest and swiftest man in all Wakanda? This guide has all the answers to your questions, including: Where is Wakanda? Who else has worn the Black Panther suit? Why is Vibranium so important? Packed with Super Hero secrets and jokes, this book is sure to make you a Wakandan whizz in no time. The perfect gift for young fans of Marvel Comics and Super Heroes, Marvel: Black Panther Rules! is an exciting, playful and fact-filled journey into the wondrous world of the Black Panther - and shows you what it takes to be a hero! (c) 2020 MARVEL