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How Billy Hippo Learned His Colours

Published : Thursday 5 March 2020
ISBN : 9781999955663
Price : €8.39

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Billy Hippo is worried, Its his dads birthday and he doesn't know what to get him. His sister suggests getting him something pink but Billy isn't sure what colour pink is. Through this warm and gentle tale Billy learns his colours and finds his dad a special gift with the help of a parrot and the encouragement of his two, cheeky, froggy friends.

Award-winning children's author Vivian French teams up again with illustrator Hannah Foley for the second book in the Billy Hippo series. This vibrant, colourful tale is about Billy the hippo who is keen to find a very special gift for his dad's birthday. This is a gentle and humorous tale for two- to five-year-olds.