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Gordons Game

ISBN : 9781844884674
Price : €11.99

Gordon's Game: The hilarious rugby adventure book for children aged 9-12 who love sport

Published : Thursday 17 October 2019
ISBN : 9781844884674
Price : €8.80

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A rugby-mad boy. A huge game. And a chance for an epic win . . . or an epic fail! Gordon D'Arcy is an ordinary boy, but he's not so ordinary once he gets a rugby ball in his hands. He's the star player for Wexford Wanderers and dreams of one day wearing the Ireland jersey. A dream like that means hard work, raw talent and never losing sight of your goals. But Gordon has a wild streak that often lands him in trouble. Mum and Dad think that if he can just channel his energy, all will be well. Then something utterly mad happens and he gets a chance to live his biggest dream. Can he stay on his game and do everyone proud? Or will trouble follow him . . . like it usually does? Gordon's Game is a funny and inspiring adventure for rugby lovers of all ages! 'A cracking read . . . which will appeal to all the family' Irish Country Magazine