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Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face: 12 Things Boxing Teaches You About Life

Published : Thursday 13 May 2021
ISBN : 9781841884707
Price : €22.99

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A brilliant, pull-no-punches account of what life as a boxer can teach all of us about bravery, resilience and facing your fears.

**THE PULL-NO-PUNCHES GUIDE TO LIFE** 'Tony is a champion who knows the hardest battle is always with yourself. Everyone who reads this book will find a change to make in their own life ' ANT MIDDLETON This book will change lives.' TOM MARCUS, author of No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller Soldier, Spy 'When your job is to stand in front of a very big man who wants to knock you unconscious, you learn what's important in life. In the ring there's nowhere to hide. I was never the biggest or the strongest but I made the most of what I had - I had heart and I had grit and I always put time into the mental game. Now it's time for you to come into the ring with me.' Tony Bomber Bellew is one of the most unmissable boxers Britain has ever produced. Whether you loved him or hated him, you couldn't ignore him. His journey from chubby kid growing up in a rough part of Liverpool to world champion is a story of willpower, resilience and dedication. Now he's here to take you inside the ring and help you understand that whatever your goals, there's plenty you can learn there. Over 12 rounds, Tony will show readers the world of boxing - the highs, the lows and the knockout blows. From what the boxing gym can teach us all about our strengths and weaknesses to how to hit the canvas and get back up again, this is the closest thing to having a world champion boxer in your corner.