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Crystal Run: Shield of Lies: Book 2

Published : Thursday 8 March 2018
ISBN : 9781444927122
Price : €3.99

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A children's novel from the Sunday Times and Irish Times No. 1 bestselling author.

The gripping follow-up to The Crystal Run from the Sunday Times and Irish Times No. 1 bestselling author, for fans of Cornelia Funke, Susan Cooper and Philip Pullman. 'I know how much you love Carcassia. You were prepared to die for it. It must be terrible to realise that you have been betrayed.' Kaia is from a world in which blind sacrifice is a virtue, and a Runner's life expendable. It took Joe, an outsider, to show her that she must question the truth. Now, Kaia and Joe have been taken prisoner. Trusting her sworn enemies is the only way out. Kaia and Joe must risk their lives and return to Carcassia to prevent more Runners from racing to their death. Praise for The Crystal Run: 'Brims with all the hallmarks of a classic fantasy quest - a vividly evoked world, heart-rending conflict, compelling action' - LoveReading4Kids 'Will appeal to youngsters who enjoy reading about dangerous quests' - Sunday Independent 'Well-written, with a strong plot and excellent characters, this book gives us an exciting, classic-style fantasy filled with intrigue' - Inis 'O'Flanagan's writing is crisp and concise and her plotting deft' - Belfast Telegraph