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Cape May: The intoxicating novel of summer 2019

Author : Chip Cheek
Published : Tuesday 30 April 2019
ISBN : 9781474609531
Price : €3.99

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Cape May

26 May 2020


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Cape May: The intoxicating novel of sum...

23 Apr 2019


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The Great Gatsby meets On Chesil Beach in this dark and sexy debut novel about marriage, love and betrayal.

'Glamorous, nostalgic and very sexy' Paula Hawkins 'Powerful and devastating... A heady cocktail' Mail on Sunday 'The new Gatsby' Stylist 'Thoroughly sexy and engrossing' Heat 'Nods to classics like The Great Gatsby and Revolutionary Road' Independent September 1957 Henry and Effie, young newlyweds from Georgia, arrive in Cape May, New Jersey, for their honeymoon. It's the end of the season and the town is deserted. As they tentatively discover each other, they begin to realize that everyday married life might be disappointingly different from their happily-ever-after fantasy. Just as they get ready to cut the trip short, a decadent and glamorous set suddenly sweep them up into their drama - Clara, a beautiful socialite who feels her youth slipping away; Max, a wealthy playboy and Clara's lover; and Alma, Max's aloof and mysterious half-sister. The empty beach town becomes their playground, and as they sneak into abandoned summer homes, go sailing, walk naked under the stars, make love, and drink a great deal of gin, Henry and Effie slip from innocence into betrayal, with irrevocable consequences that reverberate through the rest of their lives... 'Gorgeous, seductive storytelling, martini-dry prose reminiscent of James Salter's finest. I loved it' Lucy Foley, author of THE HUNTING PARTY 'An exquisitely crafted exploration of young love, the power of desire, and the lifelong ramifications of choices made in an instant... A modern classic' Whitney Scharer, author of THE AGE OF LIGHT