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A Painted Doom: Book 6 in the DI Wesley Peterson crime series

Author : Kate Ellis
Published : Thursday 7 September 2017
ISBN : 9780349418971
Price : €3.99

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The 6th book in Kate Ellis' exciting Wesley Peterson Series

Teenager Lewis Hoxworthy discovers a disturbing painting in a medieval barn; a fine which excites archaeologist Neil Watson. But when former rock star Jonny Shellmer is found shot through the head in Lewis's father's field and Lewis himself goes missing, it is Neil's friend, Detective Inspector Wesley Peterson, and his boss, Gerry Heffernan, who face one of their most intriguing cases yet. It seems that the Devon village of Derenham is full of secrets, ancient and modern. As Neil uncovers the story of Derenham's medieval past, it becomes clear that the Doom - a 500-year-old painting of hell and judgement - holds the key to the mystery. And as events reach a terrifying climax, Wesley Peterson has to act swiftly if he is to save a young life . . .