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A Cloud Where the Birds Rise : A book ab

Published : Thursday 14 October 2021
ISBN : 9781529382945
Price : €19.99

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A unique collection of quotes and observations from Michael Harding, one of Ireland's best-loved memoirists, with stunning and evocative illustrations from Irish illustrator Jacob Stack.

In this stunning collaboration, bestselling writer Michael Harding's most memorable musings on the human condition are brought to life by illustrator Jacob Stack. In these pages, the reader is held in moments of belonging, solitude, love and healing as we witness the beauty of falling snow, the pain and love of goodbyes, and the shared lives and deaths of neighbours amid the sweeping landscape of Ireland. A Cloud Where the Birds Rise is a beautifully illustrated collection of observations and stories from one of Ireland's best-loved writers - a celebration of finding beauty and hope in the ordinary.